Pros & Cons of Remote Work?

With internet coverage practically available everywhere in the world, every one of us is aware of what Coronavirus a.k.a COVID-19 is and the ripple effects it’s having across the IT Industry. In most countries, the intensity of the situation demanded a mandatory need to stay home, practice social distancing along with an enforced lockdown to flatten the curve. However as SaaS has to have a Business Continuity Plan irrespective of circumstances, the whole eco-system transitioned into remote working or rather, work from home.

However, my post isn’t an addition to best practices towards WFH (have included one at the bottom, though 😌) but a little corollary based on my experience. With people gradually coming to terms with remote work being the new normal, this is also an attempt to engage with my fellow developers here (i.e: you) to understand the mindset, rationale, and opinion behind it.

Let’s begin by listing some advantages/disadvantages of remote work.


  1. It helps save a lot of time travelling to and fro from office. For e.g: The average time spent on commuting in Mumbai is ~2.5-3 hours.
  2. You can focus your energies on your spouse/kids, parents/elderly family members which are one way to achieve a personal work-life balance.
  3. There’s always an extra hand to help out in household chores.
  4. Organizations save on finances by not having to operate/maintain a dedicated workspace, relocate employee talent across geographies.
  5. You’re in charge of your own schedule and productivity.


  1. If a strict schedule/discipline isn’t adhered to, office hours will overlap into personal time thus disrupting the work-life balance outlined above.
  2. Remote work requires people to communicate frequently which can be tedious if there’s a lack of high-speed internet connectivity, power outages, and software/hardware failure.
  3. Too many meetings/calls since little things that can be explained by walking over to a co-worker’s desk will now need to be done virtually.
  4. A possible feeling of isolation since there will be little personal interaction which doesn’t occur as much when working in a dedicated office.
  5. Family members, kids and/or pets can be a distraction sometimes.