5 Excellent Reasons To Wake Up At 5 A.M. Day After Day

1. Enjoy Your Peak Productivity Without Any Distractions

Your peak productivity is when your energy is at its peak during the day. Do you know when your energy is at its peak during the day?

Your energy is at its peak in the morning shortly after waking up.

When you wake up at 7 A.M., you’ll probably have to start the day by taking care of your children and then going to your office.

So you’ll start the first few hours of the day at the same time as everyone else, which will add a lot of distractions around you.

Distractions of any kind (children, email, SMS, phone calls, …) are detrimental to your productivity.

By waking up at 5 A.M., you’ll be able to attack the day before anyone else. You’ll have two hours without any distractions. So you’ll be able to take full advantage of your peak productivity to work on your most complex tasks of the day.

Once these tasks are completed, your day will be perfectly launched and your motivation will be at its maximum.

2. Gain 2 More Hours Per Day To Work Efficiently

Until now, you used to get up at 7 or 8 A.M. every day. At night, you went to bed at 11 P.M. or midnight. Nevertheless, you ended your days very tired in front of the television.

Waking up at 5 A.M. every day will force you to go to bed at 10 P.M. at the latest.

The time you waste in the evening in front of the television when you’re tired will end up in the morning between 5 A.M. and 7 A.M.

You will be in better shape because you will sleep better and you will have 2 more hours per day to work effectively on your goals. At first glance, this may seem rather negligible.

Nevertheless, 2 hours more each day gives 14 hours more per week and thus 728 hours more per year.

By keeping this habit of waking up at 5 A.M. every day, you will be able to make all the difference with the extra time you have available to achieve your goals.

3. Stop Yielding To Procrastination

When you wake up at 7 A.M. or 8 A.M., you are often caught in a whirlwind early in the day. You’re immediately faced with a host of distractions.

You don’t have time to settle down to work efficiently.

By the end of the morning, you realize that you have hardly had time to carry out the essential tasks you absolutely wanted to do.

In fact, you feel like your head is underwater.

In these situations, you will be more inclined to give in to the insidious evil of procrastination. You will then tell yourself that you will do better tomorrow and that you can put off a lot of tasks until tomorrow.

When you wake up at 5 A.M., you are following a habit day after day.

You will start the day calmly and concentrated. In addition, you will feel obliged to make the most of those extra 2 hours for which you make the effort to wake up so early.

You will then enter a virtuous circle that will take the procrastination away from you for good.

4. Adopting Good Habits That Lead To Success

All the great successful entrepreneurs in this world have a habit of waking up early. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook or Elon Musk all have this habit. All of these enormously successful people wake up at 5 A.M. or even earlier.

Successful people don’t wake up at 5 A.M. by accident.

Successful people have long understood that waking up so early in the morning helps them maximize their productivity. With maximized productivity, successful people are more likely to achieve their goals.

By adopting this good habit and keeping it over time, you will enter a virtuous circle of good habits that will promote your future success.

5. Building A Strong Spirit

Waking up every day that God does at 5 A.M. is not an easy thing. I would even say that not everyone is able to make such a habit.

By waking up day after day at 5 A.M. in a sustainable way, you will already take advantage of 90% of people.

Indeed, you are going to build yourself a strong spirit day after day.

The fact of holding over time a habit that seems so difficult to you will strengthen your mind. You will then be convinced that you can succeed in everything in your life.

All this will start a virtuous circle that will boost you in all areas.