Why Most of Us Get Blogging Wrong

Why Most of Us Get Blogging Wrong

You write a new blog regularly—weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

And each time you publish a new post, you invite email subscribers and social media followers to read your shiny new blog post.

Sounds good, right?

Yet, it’s a blinkered view on blogging.

What happens with those blog posts you slaved over last year, two years ago, or even early this year?

Some of your most valuable writing might be languishing in cobwebbed archives, buried and forgotten.

our blog has two basic engagement aims

And these two aims are slightly uneasy bed fellows, wriggling and stealing the duvet from each other:

One aim is to get ranked in Google so new people can find your blog.

To fulfill this objective your blog has to act like a library, and in the perfect library, readers can start reading any book. Moreover, each book in the library discusses a different topic, creating the maximum number of opportunities to attract new readers.

The second aim is to nurture long-term relationships with subscribers.

This helps you turn casual readers into loyal fans, and create opportunities to sell. To fulfill this objective, your blog is like a magazine, serving fresh content to readers regularly.* *

I first came across the idea of a blog as a library or publication in an article at Animalz.co by Jimmy Daly. I found these metaphors useful to understand blog strategy, but I disagree with Daly’s view that your content strategy should focus on being a good library only. Why not be both?

When your blog acts as both a library and a publication, you can create opportunities to gain new subscribers, and also entertain and educate long-term readers.

Shall I show how?

1. Your content creation strategy:
Stick to a single post about each topic

2. Your content display strategy:
Ditch category pages, create pillar pages

3. Your email strategy on steroids:
Send your best old posts to new email subscribers

Now, let me as you – Don’t you prefer if I had described those points as well?

That’s what i am talking about.